An Exploration to the Rental Market in San Francisco

Are you aware of the differences of the rental market and for-sale market in San Francisco? Here is the answer.

Rental market: The rents in this area have increased to 7% in the last two years and occupancy has gone up to 97%. For-sale market: show a gradual slow down due to the major reforms in the mortgage or the banking industry.

What are the reasons?

1. The attributes which are mainly being built in the bay area are generally apartment products. The position marketplace indicates a massive enhancement and so the particular requirement for renting is rising. It really is expected to consume an increasing trend inside San Francisco since this city appeals to numerous inhabitants.

2. The easy legislation associated with demand and supply helps make the leases of San Francisco so expensive. Given that many residents wish to stay in this kind of metropolis they must encounter a hardcore competitors via each other for you to eventually rent one. San Francisco is regarded as to have increased leases than the various other urban centers of the Nation since it does not have way too many properties.

3. Several renters within San Francisco spend over 50% with their earnings upon rent. Considering that the quantity of renters inside town is very large it is recommended that anyone lineup as the first anyone to grab a chance to have a house because the property owners do not wish to keep their flats empty for some time.

4. One other reason precisely why your local rental market is continuing to grow more powerful could be that the surge in the actual gas prices. Due to this cause the folks of San Francisco wish for a rental near perform. As a result this kind of town is located to post lease results very often. Nevertheless fat loss agents and brokers take control in the municipality’s rental industry the home hire technique will ultimately turn into very expensive and less easy for that property owners to cover the.


Observing the Traditional Chinese Festival in San Francisco Chinatown

It’s well known that China, a civilization of more than five thousand years, has many traditional festivals. What cultural and historic significance these festivals bear and how Chinese people observe these festivals have stimulated the interest of many people. In the city of San Francisco, you will gain a general idea by joining in the celebration of these festivals in Chinatown. Let’s just take Chinese New Year, Dragon Boat Festival and Autumn Moon Festival, three most important annual festivals for example.

Chinese New Year is observed on the first day of a year by lunar calendar. It is also known as Spring Festival for it reminds people of the approaching of spring. A month prior to this day, the Chinatown shops and stores begin selling couplets, pictures and all kinds of drawings. Delicious food, fresh flowers and the color red are very popular on this day while the adults will give out envelops of “lucky” money. On the streets of Chinatown, lion dances and dragon parades will last for a fortnight and always attract many spectators.

Dragon Boat Festival is on the fifth day of the fifth month of lunar calendar in honor of an ancient Chinese scholar and patriot named Qu Yuan. In San Francisco Chinatown, the most thrilling thing about this day is not Zongzi, a kind of Chinese rice-pudding, but the dragon boat race, in which nearly 100 teams of paddlers will compete with each other on Treasure Island. The dragon-shaped boats also are elaborately decorated as people do with them in China.

Autumn Moon Festival is celebrated on the fifteenth day of the eighth month according to ancient Chinese calendar, roughly the mid-September. All kinds of moon cakes will be on the market of Chinatown on this day, which carry the homesickness of those far away from home and relatives. People in America always take it as a kind of “Chinese Thanksgiving”, expressing thanks for the summer harvest with abundant food.

Alcatraz Island – the Attraction of an Isolated Island

Not far from the San Francisco Bay lies an isolated island, which is well known as Alcatraz Island. This ordinary island has an uncommon history. During its hundreds of years of history, it has served as the site of the nation’s oldest lighthouse on the west coast, a military fortification, a military prison, a federal jail, a Native American occupation and then a popular tourism destination.

The first recorded owner of the island William Workman was given the island so as to build a lighthouse on it, but when it was bought in the name of the United States government, it was used mainly for military purposes. During the Mexican-American war, it served as a military fortification and did make great contribution to the final success on the American side. With the advancement of military technology, it was changed to house war criminals.

Its 29 years as a federal prison brought great notoriety and dark mystery to this island. During 1934 to 1963, many of the nation’s worst criminals were transferred here from other prisons, Robert Franklin Strond, “the Birdman of Alcatraz” and George “Machine Gun” included. For 29 years in use, only three men had ever successfully fled from this so called escape proof jail. Taking everything into consideration, General Robert Kennedy made a decision to close the prison in 1963.

Presently, it has become a popular tourism attraction. It is home to many species of floras, such as rare roses, succulents and geraniums as well as a sanctuary for many faunas, like Western Gulls, cormorants and egrets. Besides, there are many Civil War period buildings and other historic sites which attract millions of tourists every year. And ceremonies held here by American Indian groups also add great attraction to this National Historic Landmark.